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🍄Hi, I’m Mario. Welcome. I am on my path of 🔥 self-discovery and I write about it. I am passionate about 🤩 innovation and 👨‍💻 technology. Hope you enjoy

How our team improved feedback and kept improving performance with the help from a simple tool.

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It’s been seven months since our team is working remotely and although there was some challenges to gain the trust of the management team that the team could keep it’s high performance even working remotely, it has also been a learning journey, particularly on how to improve our communication.

One important aspect is to think about our past actions and challenges to learn and improve from them. …

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Success or riches always come at a cost, and if you are on your journey to getting them for yourself it’s best to be aware of these and plan accordingly.

Getting rich is not for everyone, life isn’t filled with rainbows and sunshine but hopefully I can help you on your journey.

A few months ago I started focusing on people who have a lifestyle I aspire to have and slowly started noticing some patterns. …

We can all agree 2020 was the most atypical year of this millenium with the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting every business in the world and forcing every market to adapt and adjust the way they do business in record times.

Ending 2019 there where many expectations for 2020, particularly regarding technological evolution and many industry thought leaders gave their feedback on what to expect but what has really happened so far that has had an impact in the world?

AI as a Service

AI has to be the hottest topic in tech right now. In 2019 we saw the growth in interest and applicability in…

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We get busy so we don't have to think or deal with the pain of more emotionally demanding times but it comes a time when you must answer a simple question.

Are you ok with being only with yourself?

There was a time when my life was pretty sweet. Everything was in place, my work, love life, personal life, achievements were all going great but then all came crumbling down when my relationship ended after almost 5 years together.

My friends saw me going from the person who always found solutions for any problem, a person who always could find…

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As we grow into adulthood forget and, sometimes, ignore how we are living. We go along with the ride and see where life takes us but is this the path to the fulfilled life you want?

As a kid, I used to pretend I was Captain America! A cartoon character I looked up to.

I still have memories of that time when I used to pick up a blue teddy bear that had suspenders and use it as a shield and go around showing off my strength to protect people from evildoers.

But as I grew up I stopped playing…

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Dreams keep us moving forward. They are essential to keep us living and not simply existing. They have the ability to take us to places we have never been and do things we have never done. They are one of the foundations for a happy life.

A while ago when I was browsing Instagram I saw an image that said for a person to be truly happy only needs 3 things:

  • Someone to love
  • Something to do
  • Something to hope for

I found it curious because I see that when people go through really challenging times one of the first…

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Hello! Hallo! Ciao! Olá!

“Why wait to see where life takes you? Why not see where you can take life?” — C. Chen

“Once upon a time there was a small river of crystalline waters, very beautiful, that snaked between the mountains.

At a certain point in his journey, he noticed that in front of him was a filthy swamp, where he must pass.

He then looked at God and protested:

‘Lord, what a punishment! I am a stream so clear, so beautiful, and you force me to cross a dirty swamp like that! What do I do now?’


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Unlike many, my biggest challenge in 2002 was not COVID-19 or even isolation but instead, having to cope with a breakup that took me to a clinically diagnosed depression, anxiety attacks, unreasonable fears, and turned my life around 180 degrees. Today, just a few days after my birthday, I wanted to look back and take the time to learn from the lessons it has taught me.

Depression is somewhat of tabu in our society, particularly between Men. It is seen as a “sad state of mind” where all you have to do it “Get your act together” and your life…

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Like many, I started my coffee drinking journey when I started working.
It was a sort of ritual to drink coffee with my coworkers and catch up on several topics along with a 5 to 15-minute coffee break.

Eventually, and working as a web developer on the digital marketing industry I hit my highest point on caffeine intake in 2015 when I was consuming, on average, 5 to 6 espressos per day. …

Person with eyes covered
Person with eyes covered

Todas as noites gosto de fazer uma caminhada depois de jantar. Caminha durante uma ou duas horas para organizar ideias.

Numa noite enquanto aguardava junto ao semáforo o sinal ficar verde para atravessar a rua reparo num senhor que subia uma rua perpêndicular fazendo movimentos pouco normais.

A certo momento ele tem dificuldades para continuar a subir a rua, estava nitidamente alcoolizado e a aproximar-se de um um cruzamento onde podiam surgir carros ou até mesmo um autocarro de um ângulo com pouca visibilidade e que não permite ver se está alguém a atravessar a rua, especialmente alguém com uma…

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